Debian BSP: Cambridge continued

Debian ,FLOSS
March 10, 2019

I am slowly making progress.  I am quite pleased with myself for slowly moving beyond triage, test, verify to now beginning to understand what is going on with some bugs and being able to suggest fixes :-)  That said my C++ foo is poor and add in QT as well and #917711 is beyond me.

Not only does quite a lot of work get done at a BSP; it is also very good to catch up with people, especially those who traveled to Cambridge from out of the area.  Thank you for taking your weekend to contribute to making Buster.

I must also take the opportunity to thank Sledge and Randombird for opening up their home to host the BSP and provide overnight accommodation as well.

More hacking is still going on…  Some different people from yesterday.

Differing people ++smcv –andrewsh  ++cjwatson –lamby