House Design

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Having spoken with neighbours and examined the existing planning trail, we felt that a bungalow would be more suitable for the plot as this addresses the primary concerns of the property overlooking the neighbours.

We need 2 bedrooms. There is only the three of us and we do not have plans to grow the family, however a 3rd, guest, bedroom is essential. My wife works from home and it is likely that I will do so in the near future, as such we require 2 separate office/study spaces.

We enjoy entertaining friends and family, and love to host dinner parties and/or board game days; typically we have up to 8 people around the dining room table although more isn’t unusual. A large open plan living, dining, kitchen space is a must. As is space outside for a barbecue (large patio area).

In an ideal world we would also have space for a snug to escape the crowds, read a book, or watch TV. Indeed we read quite a lot so bookshelves are a must, as too is plenty of storage – We are defiantly not minimalist!

We would also like to keep koi carp and would be delighted to have the building built around an atrium that contains the pond. Provision should also be made for appropriate plant services.

Additionally we would like keep the trees in the orchards, and have the ‘public’ living space looking out over the garden/orchards.


We take our cue from offices and industrial spaces rather than from residential property.

We intend to leave the ceiling open to the roof, and walls bare for the ‘public’ spaces. Moving into the ‘private’ space (bedrooms) may see the introduction of plastered walls to make the space feel more intimate, although none of us would be against leaving the ceiling exposed . Bathrooms will be tiled floor to ceiling.


Drawings, documents and notes etc can be found here: