A quick electricity survey has been done. The nearest access point is a pole on the opposite side of the street. A cable will need to be run down the pole, along a short stretch of grass and then under the street to gain access to the property.

Whilst we do not anticipate the need for 3-phase supplies we will certainly want a 100A circuit and an import export meter.

[Edit 2021-07-17 Actually we will need 3-phase mains. This is because we wish to have a larger solar array, and will need 3-phase for the export.
We will therefore request 3-phase 100A/phase supply with import / export meters]

We will need to provide ducting on the site for the length of the driveway, and a hole in which the supplier can bury a 3 phase transformer (they suggest this would be in the front of the house / garage)

[Edit 2021-07-17 If we have 3-phase supply we may not need the transformer]

A temporary power box could be provided (or permanent meter point) next to the transformer. With ducting to both the garage and to the house. Ingress to the house will be at the plant room on the east side of the building.

We intend to install solar pannels on the flat roof, feeding into a battery system. Batteries to be located in racks in the ‘dry’ plant room or the garage. It is our intent to be effectivly ‘off grid’, i.e. generate more than enough electricity for our needs, even if we can not store this in batteries (during summer months we envisage to be a net producer of electricity, and perhaps only becoming a net consumer during the darker winter months).