Debconf Video Team Sprint – Day 1

Debconf Video Team ,Debian ,OpenTAC
January 30, 2019

The Debconf Video team has got together for a sprint…

I asked my wife to drop me off at Waterbeach station for 09:45, from there I caught a train to Kings Cross, Walked across the road to St Pancras and caught the Eurostar To Brussels, and then a local service into Diegem. A short walk from the station to the sprint venue and I arrived at 17:45… 7 hours door to door OK that was quite some time but I am overly paranoid about missing trains etc so could have trimmed at least 1 possibly 2 hours off this – I don’t mind waiting for a connection, I am less stressed when I travel if I have a lot of slack between connections that allows for unexpected hold ups and delays…

Finding the right building was very easy :

I wonder if this is something to do with Linux?

I must say a big thank you to Jasper Nuyens for letting us use the Linux Belgium  building (including crash space! for the week)

Catch Up
I missed Debconf Last year, so I haven’t seen most of the team for quite a while. A quick hello took until dinner time. Cooking with Rattus once again :-) Todays’ team meal Chili and Rice
Despite leaving leaving out the chillies until near the end (to provide a spice free version for Judit) a nice rich dinner was provided – Thanks to Nicolas for cooking the rice.

Evening session
I then spent most of the evening getting familiarised with the new rack hardware that has mostly now arrived (3 of the radio mic receivers have not yet arrived and are on back order) – it is a shame, but I am sure that we can make do for the moment. again many thanks Nicolas for ordering in and lugging all the kit from Paris.

What is going on? We must be getting old – it is midnight, we are in Brussels and I am the last person still up. And we have only shared one bottle of beer so far…